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Welcome to APTN!

APTN is a Forum which brings together professionals who are interested in the development of Asian technologies. By "Asia", we mean anywhere from Japan through to the Sub-Continent, with the inclusion of Australasia. By "technologies", we are not just interested in technologies per se, but with the companies, broader institutions, cultures and government policies which determine the pace of technological development in the region.

We bring people together in two main ways. Physically, we run regular executive-driven seminars in London, drawing on a network of just under 3000 people. The range of chairs and speakers who have addressed these seminars can be found by clicking on this link.

Virtually, we run two groups within LinkedIn focusing on Asian Technology in general, and on Asian Biopharma developments in particular. The parent group has just over 1300 participants. Over half the participants come from outside the UK, led by the USA (9%), Japan (8%), China (6%) India (4%), Singapore (3%), Malaysia (3%), Australia (2%) - followed in descending order by Germany, France, Taiwan, Korea, Switzerland, Indonesia, Ireland, Philippines, Canada, Finland, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, Poland, Turkey, Italy.

APTN is a semi-charity (a Company Limited by Guarantee) and has been built round the networks created by Louis Turner from the days when he ran annual high-level (often at ministerial-level) High Technology Forums with Japan (over 20 years), Korea (5 years) and China (3 years). He still drives APTN, but under the guidance of a Board, and a growing number of specialists who give ad hoc advice. The company is financed by a combination of annual subscriptions, occasional donations and fees to attend particular events.

In recent years, APTN has been developing particular strengths in the following areas

  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Clean Technologies
  • Branding and Trade Mark issues

But recent and planned seminars have also covered the Asian dimension of

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Intellectual Property strategies
  • Career paths
  • Innovation policies
  • Western R&D strategies in the region
  • Impact of offshoring on Western manufacturing
  • Developments within specific countries (Japan, China, India, Singapore to the fore)
  • Foreign Direct Investment Issues

APTN is now seeking to strengthen its administration, raise its profile, improve its finances and expand its ambitions. We are seeking to identify

  • Asian-oriented potential strategic partners, which could benefit from adding a strong technological dimension to existing complementary strengths
  • Specialist institutions to which APTN could bring an Asian dimension, in return for APTN being strengthened by working with high-grade specialists.
  • Sponsors who would be interested in supporting the broad range of APTN's activities (Charter Sponsors), or one of APTN's specialist areas (??? Sponsors)
  • Individual and Institutions which would be willing to join Advisory Groups, either advising on APTN's overall programme, or on specialist areas.

To help us achieve these goals, we are offering a variety of sponsorships

  • Master Sponsorship (£5000 + VAT)
  • Specialist Sponsorships (Exclusive £2500 - Shared 1000 + VAT)
  • APTN LinkedIn Group Supporter (negotiable)
  • Event Sponsor - Exclusive (£1000 or £1500 + VAT)
  • Event Sponsor - Non-Exclusive (£500 minimum)
  • Seminar Hosting (Negotiable)
  • See for fuller details

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